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Failed to post to Wordpress blog


If you are having issues posting content to your Wordpress blog, make sure you follow this recommendations:

1)Make sure XML-RPC is enabled
2)Make sure you have the same time set up on your blog as on your PC
3)If the above fail, try to install the LibXml Fix for Wordpress:

4)It seems some mod security settings is blocking XMLRPC. What you need to do is connect via FTP to your wordpress, edit the file .htaccess and enter this in the file (at the bottom)


  SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI ^/wp-admin/(?:post|async-upload)\.php$ MODSEC_ENABLE=Off
  SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI ^/xmlrpc\.php$ MODSEC_ENABLE=Off
  SecFilterDebugLevel 0
  SecFilterDefaultAction "deny,nolog,noauditlog,status:503"

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