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Fix - Login thread failed: Failed to login using(browser)

Solution When uploading videos, you can receive an error that's similar to:
"Login thread failed: Failed to login using(browser):Test the account in browser for more details"

The user can be caused by:
1. Internet Explorer high security settings
2. Slow proxies
3. Slow internet
4. YouTube page not recognized by MVB Pro

Possible solutions:
1. First thing you need to do is go to accounts and click on "Mark as active" so MVB pro will use the account again
2. If you are running on Windows Server (or VPS), disable IE ESC:
3. Disable Internet Explorer protect mode:
4. Always test your account manually by going to accounts section->click on Open account in browser->Click on login . See where it hangs (stops). Make sure you marked the account as active first
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