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Click publish to make your video go live - Error - Video set as private


When the error appears "Click publish to make your video go live", the problem is from YouTube, and not from Mass Video Blaster Pro.


 IT happened numerous times in the past. Even if you will try to upload manually, the same thing will happen. The problem comes either when YouTube has an update coming OR when you upload to many videos from the same account. It's a security measure from their part, and it's not MVB Pro's fault.


 There are some solutions (in some cases):


a)Use a different video file for each video (or use a video file for max 5 videos and make sure you add watermark/cut time).

b)Don't upload to fast. YT currently has a "stop" for mass uploading. Use bigger delays, like 120 seconds


 If this does not fix your issue, it means it's a YT problem and you need to wait 24-48 hours before uploading again.

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