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Could not Upload/Could not Encode errors

Solution If you receive an error like "Could Not Encode":
*Error details
-It means that the video does not work with CPA Blaster, because it is encoded by an unknown Video Codec.
-The problem can also be caused if you deleted the video file from your local Hard Drive.

*Error solution
-Replace the video file OR make sure that the video file exists. Try creating a sample video file (!Recommended WMV file) and it will work. -We recommend using Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Maker -The best video files are .WMV

If you receive an error like "Could Not Upload":
*Error details
-It means that YouTube refused your videos. CPA Blaster tried to upload it but YouTube did not accept it (can be caused by various reasons)
-This is not a CPA Blaster error but more a human error.

*Error solution
-In most cases the problem is the title of the video because it's to large. So what you can do is try to make the title (all 3 titles) smaller, and see if it uploads.
-Try to avoid special characters in the tags/description/title. DO NOT USE tags like < > { [ ~ . Try to stick to number and letters + the normal characters
-If changing the title did not fix it, it means that either the tags or description is not good. Again, do tests and see what is wrong (title/description or tags)
-It's important to ONLY use letters/digits in the tags, and every keyword should have AT LEAST 2 characters AND MAXIMUM 20 characters. If you have a tag like: watch gossip girl season 3 episode 3. IT"S NOT GOOD. Split it up by using comma: watch gossip, girl, season 3, episode 3
-If fixing the tags did not work, fix the description. Avoid any special characters and try to make it smaller.
-Manually verify the account. Some accounts need to be activated before uploading videos.
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