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Understanding Events On YouTube - Live Event Blaster Streaming (or no streaming)


 The software can be used in 2 ways:
a) By just publishing an event and never actually streaming a video (just for ranking and getting new visitors)

b) By publishing an event and after that streaming a video.

 First add a new item. Enter the title you want to use and description.
 The tags are important. So in the case you are promoting t-shirts you can enter tags like "best tshirts, customizable tshirts, cheap custom tshirts".

 Now if you go with A from above (only publishing the item), you can set the date to be like 3 weeks from now. In this case the event will be added with no video, but will still rank on YouTube.
 In this case you can enter a description that contains the keyword you are targeting as much as possible (at least 3 times). And add at the start of description something like "To get the best T Shirts visit"
 So after you add the item in Live Event Blaster, click on Start and start publishing (this is for both A or B cases).

 Now in case you want to go with case B where you also want to stream the event, you can click on Settings and select "Auto stream events". This means that when the date is due (3 weeks in above example), Live Event Blaster will stream the video.

 It's important to note that after you stream a video, the event transforms to a video on YouTube (so it will be a normal video). That's why sometimes it's best to just publish tons and tons of events targeting various keywords.

 To start the stream you either let the due date (the date you set when adding the stream) pass and make sure "Auto start stream" is enabled in settings OR you can right click on the item and click on Start Streaming to instantly start the stream.

 Hope this helps.
 Good luck!

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