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How to backup my data and restore my Blaster Suite product


Hi there

Each of your blaster suite program has its own installation folder which contains its own software and its own data.


The BlasterSuite Manager is basically a control centre for these collection of software.


If you want to backup your data, you need to go the data folder of each blaster suite software that you have, and copy it to another location such as google drive, external harddisk or another partition in your harddisk.


For example - if I want to backup my data from e.g. Video Marketing Blaster Pro


Step 1 -  go to the folder where you installed the software, for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Video Marketing Blaster Pro


Step 2 - copy the entire "data" folder to my google drive / a new folder on my computer


Step 3 -  Click on the gear icon beside “Start Application” in Blaster Suite Manager .

Under “Installation folder” -click on un-install to remove this particular software...

and then re-install the software .by clicking on "Add new installation"..


Click on " I already have Video Marketing Blaster Pro installed on this PC - "done"

This will reinstall Video Marketing Blaster Pro


Once the process is complete, you will be able to see the screen below. Click "OK" 

Step 4 -    To restore your backup data in Step 2, go to the folder where you installed the new software, for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\ Video Marketing Blaster Pro


Step 5 - use the data folder from Step 2 and copy and overwrite the content on this new computer


Step 6 - Close and reopen your Blaster Suite Manager


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