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How to optimize your Youtube Channel



If you making use of a dedicated Youtube channel to a certain niche / local business client, it is best that you make some certain optimisations instead of leaving it as default settings with no thumbnails or pictures.

You can start doing this by following the steps below:

Channel Art

Click on your profile icon and click on "My channel)


Go to "Channels" and click on "Customize Channel"


Click on "Add channel art"

Click on "Select a photo from your computer"

Note- make sure the photo is 2560 x 1440 pixels so that the banner will be displayed properly.

Click "done' after this process is completed



About -Channel Description

Click on "About" and fill the description for Channel Description ..a brief explanation of what the videos for the niche/business 


Key in the email address for the business contact

Location -select the country relevant to the local business 


Add the name of the links you want to be displayed on the Channel Art

eg, Link title - "company website" and URL - "www,"

 Link title - "facebook site " and URL - ""


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